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Gambling Rehab

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Many Rehab Clinics will not treat gambling as a stand alone addiction. There has been the age old debate as to whether or not it could be classified as an addiction as there are no physical substances involved. Never the less gambling can be proved to be as much of a physical addiction as an addiction to heroin, as it can be measured in terms of tolerance and withdrawal.

Gambling Rehab focuses largely on behaviour modification and the development of new coping strategies. Often gambling addictions are formed as a block to other emotional disturbances and traumas, a rehab programme will seek to help the client to over come these difficulties too.

Pharmaceutical Names:

Compulsive Gambling, Pathological Gambling, Impulse Control Disorder.

Street Names:

Back, bet, brave, buck the odds, cast lots, challenge, cut the cards, dare, defy, endanger, face, flip the coin, game, go for broke, hazard, imperil, jeopardize, lay money on, lot, make a bet, play, plunge, put, put faith in, put trust in, risk, set, shoot the moon, shoot the works, speculate, stake, stick one's neck out, take a flyer, tempt fortune, trust to luck, try one's luck, venture, wager


Some Common forms of gambling include Casino games, Table Games, Slot Machines, Video Machines, Bingo, Keno, Lotteries, Scratch Cards, Card Games, Coin Tossing, Dice Games, Sports Betting, TV Results Betting, Football Pools, Events Betting, Prediction Betting, Stocks and Futures, Staking Systems.


Gambling can be traced back to when mankind first walked the earth. We have prepared a timeline with a few significant dates for your interest.

2300 BC Gambling artifacts found in China
2300 BC Chinese invent a tiled game
1500 BC Ivory dice found in Egypt
1200 BC Greek soldiers amuse themselves with dice games
1st C Kings or Norway and Sweeden Gamble over land
9th c Chinese invent a machine to shuffle cards
14th C King Henry VIII outlawed gambling in the UK
1698 Lotteries were passed as illegal in the Uk without express government permission
1793 George Wahington buys a ticket in Americas first ever lottery
1930 Horse racing became legal in America
1956 Small lotteries were libiralised in the UK
1960 Uk bookmakers were licensed 'off course'
1993 National Lottery was licensed in the UK
2004 Euromillions 'Supper Lottery' was launched with 9 supporting countries

Side Effects:

Stress-related physical and psychological ill health. family breakdown, domestic violence, criminal activity, disruption to or loss of employment and social isolation, anger, frustration, irritability.


Whilst the idea of a gambling overdose in a conventional sense is clearly absurd, psychiatric news report that between 8% to 21% of gamblers anonymous members have successfully committed suicide.

Gambling Withdrawals:

Whilst not always the case Gambling withdrawals can include, Sweating, Palpatations, Itching, Mood Swings,

Suicide rates are very high with Compulsive Gamblers so it is very important to engage them in a rehab programme or similar counselling programme. If are considering placing a loved one into rehabilitation you can call us anytime  for free help and advice.



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