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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Detox On Your Terms

posted on: September 6th, 2012
Alcohol addiction is one of the most destructive and common addictions in the United Kingdom. The substance itself is considered a sedative hypnotic drug that depresses the nervous system and can make people more relaxed. Having your drinking spiral out of control is however another matter. It may well be that drinking has become a necessary way to unwind, or it has become an emotional dependency that becomes part of not just a daily routine but also a mental routine. These mental routines can be unnoticeable because they are often not explicit thoughts, more like impulses. For those who drink more than the Department Of Health’s guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol per day for men and 2-3 units for women, it can begin to manifest in not merely social problems but also psychological and physiological issues. The brain most actively displays the results of alcohol consumption, although the amount consumed does have different effects on different people. Some can withstand a lot, while others may suffer the effects very quickly. Continuously entering a state where loss of coordination, inhibitions and ability to think can begin to have problems with overall health.

At Drug And Alcohol Rehab we offer some of the best alcohol detox centres in the country, employing over 175 trained members of staff and operate programs for the government. This lends further credence to us as a bona fide clinic who has a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to alcohol. We can assess your current state of alcohol consumption and put you on the right path that will allow you to stop the damage that you are doing to yourself, others and your future. The idea is never to label people as an alcoholic because the overriding criteria is whether you want to do something about it. This means potentially anyone from a binge drinker to an everyday drinker could seek rehab, or they may not. An important question to ask yourself, however, is whether the alcohol is impairing your life. Going out of your way for a drink, or becoming irritable when unable to drink are warning signs that probably shouldn’t be ignored.

We have clinics across the UK, so if you’re looking for alcohol rehab Cheshire, we can help, just as we can help with those who are looking for alcohol detox Yorkshire. We will give you advice based on the guidelines of the BACP - The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. It will all be based on you as a person - your history, your current state and what you are looking to achieve. We will be completely honest with you and will inform you if our programs are not right for you. We can also direct you to the best of our clinics available for your treatment.

You can also contact us if a loved one has a problem with alcohol, but won’t confront it. We can also advise if the situation is difficult and you are unsure as to how to proceed.




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