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Get your loved ones on board when tackling addiction

posted on: March 13th, 2013
 It can be tempting to try to fight drug and alcohol addictions alone. After all, intuitively you might want to save your loved ones the distress of having to deal with your problems on top of their own issues. 
Also, like a lot of addicts, you might be embarrassed to admit you have a problem to those closest to you. Sometimes, talking to a bunch of strangers seems easier than revealing this darker side of your character to friends and family members.


However, keeping your thoughts, feelings and goals to yourself can be counterproductive in the long term. If you’re to make the most of any drug or alcohol detox programmes, it’s really helpful to have the full support and backing of those closest to you.
Your network of loved ones will be there for you if you ever get close to relapsing, helping you to achieve success over the long run.

Too good at hiding it

One problem many addicts face concerns the fact that they’re simply too good at hiding their dependencies. If this applies to you and you don’t confide in those closest to you, you could experience a range of complications when you’re trying to get clean. 
For example, without knowing the damage they’re doing, your friends and family might tempt you with drink or drugs, threatening your resolve. Also, if you’re feeling at a particularly low ebb, the last thing you need is for your nearest and dearest to fall on you for support. This could tip you over the edge. 

Not good enough

On the other hand, you might not be very good at hiding your problems and this can lead to a different set of difficulties. For example, if your addiction has caused you to become irritable and unreliable, your family life and friendships may have suffered. 
If they don’t realise that your behaviour is a result of drug or alcohol dependency, they are likely to be far less patient and understanding.

The rough with the smooth

The fact is, human relationships are all about taking the rough with the smooth and so you shouldn’t feel guilty about being open with your loved ones. They may well appreciate your honesty and at least this way they’ll be able to help you.
Confiding in those closest to you can be a real relief and as soon as you’ve shared the information, you might feel like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Also, the process of tackling your addiction should be easier. 

Choosing the right treatment

Of course, coming clean to your friends and family is not enough in itself. Getting the upper hand when it comes to drugs and alcohol can take a lot of time and effort and it’s important that you choose detox programmes that suit your needs perfectly.
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