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Helping a loved one with drug addiction

posted on: February 22nd, 2013

Knowing that a loved one is battling drug addiction can leave you with mixed emotions. You might be upset with them or disappointed in their behaviour when under the influence but at the same time you’re worried and want to help them recover, but knowing how to go about it can be difficult. Luckily identifying that they need help is the first step and if you help them face the situation they could soon start on the road to recovery, but as with any situation that’s so sensitive it’s important to go about it the right way.

Learn about what they’re going through

Your first step should always be developing an understanding of what it is they’re actually going through, so performing adequate research should be at the top of the list. Learning more about addiction and how it can be treated will help you understand how you can all move forwards, and it might allay some of your fears too—knowing someone you love is suffering can be terrifying but by arming yourself with adequate knowledge you stand a much better chance of being able to properly support them, and it could help you see it from their point of view as well so some of the negative emotions aren’t quite so intense.

Open up the lines of communication

Talking to your loved one about their addiction is the next step. They might not even realise that other people are aware they have a problem so talking about it could relieve some of the burden and encourage them to do something about it, but there’s always the chance that they’re in denial or perhaps aren’t willing to change. You might find it necessary to stage an intervention to make them realise how much their addiction is affecting family life, but if you make sure to let them know that you’ll be there for them it can make all the difference.

Seek drug rehab programmes

This almost comes in-line with developing an understanding of addiction itself, but if you really want to help move things forwards you might want to look into the various options available for drug rehab in Yorkshire. Giving them a few options will show you really care about their wellbeing but it also means they don’t have to go through the prospect of finding a suitable treatment programme themselves, making it as straightforward as possible for them to get the help they need, and if you get in touch you could be one step closer to finding a clinic that offers the drug detox in Yorkshire (or anywhere in the surrounding area) that can help.

Give them the support they need

Ultimately it’s all about offering the right kind of support, and that can make all the difference to their future recovery. There’s no denying that it’ll be a long and difficult journey but with the right knowledge you could help them get there, so make sure to see what you can do to help your loved one battle drug addiction and they could be one step closer to recovery.




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