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Starting the new year addiction free

posted on: January 18th, 2013
 The start of the new year is the perfect time to give up alcohol or drugs. Trying to do this before or during the festive season can be too much of a challenge, but with the revelry over and 2013 stretching out in front of you, you might find it easier to kick the habit.
January tends to be a quieter month anyway. Most people are feeling the pinch after spending big over Christmas and like a lot of people, your social diary might be looking a little bare. This is ideal when you’re trying to go sober.
A savvy approach
However, simply resolving to change your life in this way isn’t enough by itself. Even with the best intentions, you can easily fall foul of temptation and habit if you’re not careful.
One important tactic when you’re trying to beat an addiction is to tell your nearest and dearest. If they know you are trying to beat your demons in this way, they can provide you with practical and emotional support. Also, if they see you are about to slip up, they can intervene. In contrast, if you keep the issue to yourself, it’s much more likely you’ll go astray.
Initially, you might think the idea of booking yourself into alcohol or drug rehab is a little drastic, but in fact this can be one of the most effective ways of kicking the habit. It takes you out of your routine and forces you to confront the problem straight on.
These days, there are plenty of options open to you if and when you decide to follow this route and you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect solutions for you.
Choose wisely
When you’re investing your time, money and effort in rehab, you’ll want to ensure you benefit from the best possible results and this means it’s important to choose your clinic wisely.
The techniques used in the centres can have a massive impact on your ability to succeed and the environment itself may play a role too.
Here at Drug and Alcohol Rehab we represent the Trust The Process Counselling group, who in turn run a number of private clinics in Bedfordshire, Surrey, Cheshire and Yorkshire. Regardless of these clinics you choose, you can rest assured you’ll benefit from quick admissions, high standards of care, fair prices and prompt, efficient service.
However, it is important that you find out exactly what is on offer in the various centres. To help ensure you end up making the right decision, we staff our admissions department with qualified drug and alcohol counsellors with lots of experience. 
So that they know all the relevant information about your case and are able to provide you with the most accurate advice, they always seek to gain as many facts about your life and your history as possible. Following this, they will guide you through a series of assessments to make absolutely sure that your chosen clinic suits your needs.
To find out more about alcohol rehab Yorkshire, drug detox Cheshire and so on, just take a look around our website.




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