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Treating Drug Addiction

posted on: October 25th, 2012
The treatment of drug and alcohol addiction is as complex as the addiction itself. What works for one person may not be effective at all on another. The types of treatments depend on a person’s actual addiction, what they are addicted to, for how long, and what the underlying reasons for the addiction are. Often, finding and addressing the underlying causes can be as difficult as treating the addiction itself. A person must want to change, to turn their lives around before trying to quit, or they are bound to fail. The old saying ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ rings true in this situation - the person must want to beat their addiction before anyone else can help them.
Effective treatment involves looking at every aspect of a person’s life, from their work, family and social life. Identifying issues and confronting the problems head on will not only help the person become free of drugs, but also help them to lead an ongoing life free of drugs. Treating an addiction is a long term commitment, not an overnight solution as many people believe. It can often take an extended period of time, and/or repeated stints of drug rehab before a person can lead a healthy, drug free life.
Drug detox can take many forms. There are two sides - the physical side and the psychological side. The physical side of detox is firstly getting rid of the substance from the body; this may be assisted by other medications so the body does not go into shock through going ‘cold turkey’. However, medically assisted withdrawal may not be effective alone. Medical intervention combined with behavioural counselling is effective for many people.
Drug detox Cheshire focuses on holistic, therapeutic therapies which look at addictions and how they occur. Learning about the addiction, their triggers and outcomes allows the person to make the choice to live a drug-free lifestyle. Drug rehab Cheshire also focuses on looking at why people turn to drugs and what triggers their use. Their therapy sessions encourage the individual not only to live a clean lifestyle, but also to rebuild their relationships with friends, families and colleagues. This part of the therapy is especially useful for the loved ones, as it gives them the opportunity to get involved and give the right support. The programme aims to improve all aspects of an individual’s life, increase motivation and desire to do well. By adapting a person’s mindset, to get them thinking in a more positive and proactive way, they are much more likely to turn their life around and not turn back to drugs.
Aftercare is as important as the initial treatment for recovering addicts. Group or individual counselling is effective after original treatment as it gives the patient the continuing support needed. These sessions can be combined with cognitive behavioural therapy which aims to make someone the means to recognise, avoid and act on situations and times when they would have normally turned to drugs. Being able to recognise these situations will give the person the power over their addiction and allow them to overcome it for good. 




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