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Do I need Rehab?

Identifying an alcohol problem

posted on: July 24th, 2012
Alcohol is so intertwined with British culture that it can be hard to tell if you are simply using it or are in fact abusing it. However, if alarm bells are going off in your head, now could be the perfect time to really get to grips with this issue and decide whether or not action is merited. After all, if you leave it too late, you could suffer serious ill-effects. Your health could decline and you might experience problems in both your personal and professional lives.

The good news is, if you do decide that your drinking habits need to be addressed, it is now easy to find excellent quality and effective alcohol rehab centres. Taking advantage of these can really boost your chances of achieving your goal.

Worrying stats

If you’ve been in denial about your drinking habits for some time, you’re not alone. Lots of people around the UK consume excessive levels of alcohol for long periods of time, and this can have major implications for their wellbeing.

According to figures produced by the NHS, during 2009 and 2010, around one million hospital admissions were caused by an alcohol-related condition or injury.

Some of these cases highlighted the short-term risks associated with drink, including alcohol poisoning, accidents, injuries and infections. Meanwhile, others showed the more long-term problems that can be caused by overindulgence. Heart disease, strokes, liver disease and liver and bowel cancer can all be caused by the consumption of too much alcohol over a prolonged period of time.

Long-term misuse

As well as serious health problems, long-term alcohol abuse can lead to social difficulties, like unemployment, divorce, domestic abuse and homelessness.

Knowing when you need help

Of course, if you’re experiencing medical complications because of your drinking habits, this is a clear indication you need to address the issue.

Meanwhile, Alcoholics Anonymous have a checklist of 20 questions that can help you determine whether or not you have a problem with drink. You can download this list via our website here at TTP.

Two simple questions

However, there is an even simpler way to establish that now is the time to take action regarding your drinking. If you answer ‘yes’ to the following two questions, it may be well worth your while booking into alcohol rehab centres.

•    Is alcohol causing a problem in your life?
•    Do you want to do something about it?

A huge relief

Living with an alcohol problem for a long period of time can really drag you down. Often, those who break the cycle with the help of effective private alcohol rehab clinics feel a huge sense of relief. Losing their dependence on drink to get through their lives can free up a whole new world of possibilities.

So, if you want to investigate the options open to you, just take a look around our website. We might have the ideal programme for you. Freeing yourself from the shackles of addiction can help you to see things in a completely different and much more positive light.




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