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Do I need Rehab?

Understanding alcohol addiction

posted on: February 25th, 2013

Whether you or someone you love is battling an alcohol addiction, the first step on the road to recovery will always be understanding the condition. So, we thought we’d put together a basic overview of alcohol addiction and what can be done to give you the knowledge you need to move forwards.

What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is a condition whereby the individual starts to become dependent on alcohol and almost can’t function without a drink. Alcohol takes over and, rather than being a social addition to nights out or holidays (for example), becomes a major part of their everyday life—alcoholism takes hold when drinking has crossed the line from being an acceptable activity to one that can’t be stopped, and there are several reasons that it could do that. Genetics, upbringing, social environment and emotional health can all play a part in whether or not someone will develop an addition, but with alcoholism thought to affect 9% of men and 4% of women in the UK it’s a growing concern.

Effects of alcohol addiction

The effects on the body can be marked, and when it comes to addiction it’s often more important to focus on the long-term health effects rather than the short-term ones. Over time the cumulative effects of alcohol can start to take their toll with particular impact being seen in the liver and nervous system—progressive damage to the liver means cirrhosis could take hold which could lead to liver failure, whilst alcoholism can also affect intellectual function and increase the likelihood of the individual developing depression, anxiety and even dementia. Alcohol abuse is also associated with diabetes, various forms of cancer, heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure, whilst the social problems can be just as devastating. It can impact every part of an individual’s life from their career to family relationships, with divorce and unemployment being common consequences.

Spot the warning signs

The effects of addition means it’s vital to spot the warning signs and potentially undergo alcohol rehab in Yorkshire as soon as possible, and contrary to popular belief, alcohol addiction doesn’t always have to mean an excessive amount of drinking. You don’t need to be stumbling around drunk all the time and there are actually varying degrees of dependence, but a few of the basic signs and symptoms of alcoholism are:

Treatment options

The type of treatment required will depend on the extent of the problem, but the first step will always be reaching out. Counselling and alcohol detox or rehabilitation programmes will often need to be sought, and if you’re looking for alcohol detox in Yorkshire (or the surrounding area) make sure to get in touch for the support you need.




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