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Drug Rehab

How Drug Rehab Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

posted on: August 2nd, 2012
Recognising that you have a drug or alcohol problem is the first step towards rehabilitation, although it often takes much more than recognition to fully understand the problem and to make real steps to changing your life. Even if you have a supportive network of friends and family, many often find that they need to look for a rehabilitation centre in order to get the full amount of support they need.

An addiction is a mental illness, and just as you wouldn’t expect any other seriously ill person to get better on their own and without professional help, neither do we expect that of you. Alcohol and drug dependency can lead to serious problems in your personal and professional lives. Your relationships with those around you become strained and you may be unemployed or lose your job as a direct result of that addiction. This can lead to poverty, poor living conditions and even crime, and we mustn’t forget that for many the result of their addiction can be death.

Why Drug Rehab?

Drug rehabilitation centres offer effective treatment for those suffering with addiction. Nearly 210,000 adults in the UK are now receiving this form of structured treatment, with greater and greater numbers beating their addiction every year. However, finding the right clinic can be just as important as deciding to go to a clinic in the first place. For rehab to work, the addict needs to be in the right environment and on the right programme. We run alcohol and drug rehab clinics in Bedfordshire, Cheshire, Surrey and Yorkshire, all of which are registered with the appropriate bodies.

Many people worry about taking the necessary steps towards rehabilitation because they are afraid of the costs involved. All our treatment centres offer fair prices and quality treatment, and we also offer free aftercare for up to one year after you leave. This can prove imperative for when you have those weak moments, and we can even offer guaranteed ongoing housing in a sober community after you leave. If those around you are fuelling your addiction, then having that support and structure to move away from the situation can be a key factor in staying clean once you leave our clinic.

What We Can Offer You

Our four private clinics provide bespoke treatment programmes for all addictions. This means that you get the right level of treatment for your specific problem, rather than being made to follow something you feel is irrelevant or unnecessary.

A large part of treatment looks at the reasons why you have got to this point. Our trained counselling staff have all beaten addiction themselves and so can understand these reasons, as well as helping you to take the steps to overcoming them. They will help you to gain acceptance of past events and develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

As well as looking to the past, we also look to the future, focusing on reasons for change, motivating our clients and finding them ways to recover and stay recovered in the ‘real world’.




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