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How to Spot The Signs of Drug Addiction

posted on: October 20th, 2012
Spotting the signs of drug addiction in yourself or someone you care about can lead to increased awareness and hopefully action to break the habit before it turns into an addiction. More often than not, drug use starts out innocently - for example, a prescription for painkillers from the doctor, or experimenting on a night out with ecstasy or cocaine. Even using a drug once can begin to form the first signs of an addiction. The addiction begins to grow with the person, wanting to recreate the high or craving the substance due to the chemical imbalances in the brain caused by the substance.
There are four signs of drug addiction: increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, cravings and social problems. 
As the addiction builds, the body becomes more resilient to the drug and a tolerance develops. More and more of the drug is needed to create the same high experienced after first taking the substance. Opiates especially are notorious for leaving the user craving the same high they got after the first use, but even increased levels can’t help the craving.
Withdrawal symptoms can be particularly nasty, causing pain and nausea. The body will have adapted to cope with the drugs, then goes into shock when the drug use stops. Without the proper help and support, these unpleasant side effects can cause the individual to turn back to drugs simply to make the pain go away. However, under the guidance of a proper drug detox programme, the symptoms can disappear within a matter of weeks. 
Cravings are repeated thoughts about drug use, and desperation to create their high again. The withdrawal of drugs will alter the chemicals in the brain, shocking and confusing it in a similar way to the withdrawal symptoms. Taking more drugs will allow it to return to it adapted, ‘normalised’ brain function. The only way to beat cravings is to detoxify completely, allowing the brain to return to its original state.
Drug use and addiction can not only harm the individual, but their friends and family too. With drugs taking hold, a person’s personality can change, and they can become aggressive, depressed and even violent in their behaviours. These behaviours can isolate a person from those who love and care for them. Drug addictions can be expensive, and the individual may become desperate to fund their habit, getting involved in crime. This can be majorly detrimental to family life.
Getting help for yourself or someone you care about from our drug detox Yorkshire clinic can vastly improve lives. Detoxing from drugs is not an easy thing to do, but the right help and support will give an addict the best chance at breaking their habit. Drug rehab Yorkshire gives those people in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas the opportunity to identify triggers and learn how to deal with the cravings. The purpose built detox centre gives 24-hour support with nurses and counsellors on hand at all times. Learning about the addiction, the causes and effects, can help to finally break it.




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