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Do you Need Drug Rehab?

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As with all forms of rehab, drug rehab breaks down into a three point problem and seeks to resolve:

Physiological Drug Detox

A drug detox can vary depending on the doctor prescribing the detox and substances involved. Every medical detox needs to be measured against:

  1. The age of the client
  2. The physical health of the client
  3. The weight of the client
  4. The substances the client is using
  5. The total amount of time using the substances

Some detoxes can be fatal if not handled correctly, we would always strongly recommend that you do not attempt to detox yourself without medical advice.

As a general rule of thumb, the following time frames will apply to a typical drug detox

Drug Dose Rapid Detox Tapering Detox
Methadone < 30mg 12+2 Days 2 - 4 Weeks
Methadone 30 - 80mg 15+2 Days 4 Weeks +
Methadone >80mg 18+2 Days  
Buprenorphine < 8mg 11+2 Days 2 Weeks
Buprenorphine > 8mg 15+2 Days 2 - 4 Weeks
Street Heroin   9+2 Days  

Other illicit drugs such as, Cannabis, LSD, Crack Cocaine , Powder Cocaine do not have a medical detox per se, though there are some medications that can be issued to help restore appetites and natural sleeping patterns.

We are able to provide support for all substances, if you do not see your drug of choice listed or would like further information call us on 0844 473 1302.

If you are considering a detox only, consider that without attention on the psychological aspects of addiction the drug user will almost certainly return to drugs, a detox simply removes the substance from the body in a medically safe way.

Psychological Dependence on Drugs

The psychological aspects of drug dependency are a much more complex subject. A good rehab clinic will help to tackle aspects that have led to the drug dependency in the first instance. An addiction problem is almost like a piece of coal, layer upon layer over a long period of time. Emotional issues such as trauma, low self esteem, break down in relationships, lack of trust, behavioural patterns etc add to these layers. The pressing down part of the analogy, is where the addict has learned to sooth themselves with their drug of choice to take away the pain.

There can be a number of reasons for this:

  1. The underlying problems are too painful to deal with on their own
  2. They don't know how to deal with the problems
  3. They don't want to deal with the problems
  4. The problems have piled up so high they are overwhelmed
  5. They have become to physically ill to deal with them

Each case is individual, this is where care planning and assessments comes into the equation. Care planning seeks to gain a full picture of what's happening for the client and a full case history. Care planning in its entirety will cover

  1. The emotional situation -
  2. The medical condition -
  3. Personal circumstances -

A Care Plan is drawn up for all clients when they are admitted into rehab. In layman's terms it creates a practical to do list on how best to tackle underlying problems whilst the client is in rehab.

To summarise, the Primary Care Rehab Programme will:

The Secondary Care Rehab Programme

Secondary Care is a phase of bespoke rehabilitation and is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. Some common aspects of secondary care can include:

Locations of our private clinics

How drug rehabilitation centres can help

If you’ve been struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, drug rehab centres may be able to help. Going into a drug or alcohol rehab is different from other forms of treatment for addictions, in that it offers a period of intensive support and the chance to address lots of different issues. At Drug and Alcohol Rehab we can help match you up with suitable private drug rehab clinics.


Group work

Drug rehab clinics usually offer group work to help you explore issues around your drug use. Groups can be helpful as they give you the chance to share and to hear others’ stories in a safe environment. Groups can also be good for problem solving and for learning new skills.

One-to-one support

One of the main benefits of drug rehab centres is the level of support when you need it. Sometimes this involves talking on a one-to-one basis with a worker about emotional issues, or working on an individual support plan.

Help with moving on

Rehab gives you the opportunity to look at your whole life and to identify the kinds of support you need to move away from addictive patterns of behaviour. Our private drug rehab facilities help you build up skills and confidence to plan for your future.

Finding drug rehab clinics

We can help you find drug rehabilitation centres to meet your needs. Many people choose to go into private drug rehab clinics to access services like detox as well as drug or alcohol rehab programmes. We have private drug rehab services in many parts of the UK.

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