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Getting Help

Getting help is crucial when you are struggling with substance or behavioural addictions. Here we have broken down some key steps to take towards recovery.


Acknowledge and Awareness of Your Addiction

Before you can begin any form of recovery journey you must first acknowledge that there is an issue.

It is at this stage that you may reach out to someone close for help, opinions and advice. We recommend if a family member or friend comes to you to confide, greet them with empathy and understanding, as to not scare them from sharing their issues with recovery professionals.

Although you may continue to partake in your chosen addiction you will become more aware of the negative effects of the substance or behaviour. This is when you will begin to consider entering a professional rehabilitation treatment centre.


Explore Recovery Options

Now you have an increased awareness of the impact of your addiction you may begin to look into the various recovery options available. If you have found this page then you are properly at the exploration stage right now.

At this point, you are beginning to see what facilities are near you, which offer the best treatments and which you have a natural draw towards. So enter your town or postcode on the home page of this site and see what is available to you, and contact us if any of the centres appeal to you and your needs.

You might also consider attempting at-home detoxification, this is not actively recommended, especially for hard drugs like heroin or crack cocaine. These types of substances are not recommended for lone detox because of the severe withdrawal symptoms you may experience.


Start Treatment

Once you have found a rehabilitation centre you want to attend and have progressed through their admission process, each centre may be slightly different, you will enter rehabilitation and begin your treatment.

The majority of the rehabs on this site offer completely personalised treatment plans. If you have substance abuse you will probably enter a medically assisted detoxification process. this is advised over an at-home attempt as you can be prescribed a number of medications to aid the process.

Normally once you have been through detoxification, if necessary, you will then begin all the therapies and treatments needed for your recovery journey. Depending on the centre you pick they will offer a mixture of traditional therapies; such as cognitive behavioural therapy, group sessions and one-on-one counselling and holistic treatments to treat not only your body but your mind as well.


Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Previously you may have thought that once you finish your stay at a rehabilitation facility you are just sent home and left to continue sobriety alone, but this is certainly not the case.

All rehabs will provide some form of relapse prevention planning and aftercare. The first 12 months after leaving rehab is when you are most likely to relapse, that is why it is really important to understand your personal triggers.

Aftercare can take the form of weekly group meetings, continued one-on-one counselling and a 24/7 dedicated phone line. The type of relapse prevention and aftercare provide will differ from centre to centre but will be outlined once you arrive.